[Parent’s Review] Scooting Around the Block with Globber’s PRIMO FOLDABLE LIGHTS Has Never Been This Fun!

[Parent’s Review] Scooting Around the Block with Globber’s PRIMO FOLDABLE LIGHTS Has Never Been This Fun!

Foldable scooter for kids? Check. Easy-to-carry kids’ scooter? Check. Light-up scooting fun for your little one? Double check! Erum Zaiulla of @mum_in_melbourne takes her kid’s PRIMO FOLDABLE LIGHTS everywhere they go – whether in or out of the country – thanks to its foldable scooter feature. Check out her story on where they take their Globber scooters, plus some pics of her kid having some scooting fun on her vibrant pink PRIMO FOLDABLE LIGHTS 3-wheel scooter!
What features do you like most on the Globber PRIMO FOLDABLE LIGHTS and why?
I absolutely love the foldable feature of Globber Primo Foldable Lights simply because we walk everywhere or use public transport and I can just fold and carry it out around with ease. The portability means we can just fold it and take it with us EVERYWHERE including the bus.
Where do you and your child most like to take your Globber PRIMO FOLDABLE LIGHTS?
We take our scooter mainly to our park trips, and also use it in and around our block of units.

Did your child help select the colour of the Globber PRIMO FOLDABLE LIGHTS, and if so, what did they choose?
Yes, my 3 year old chose the colour pink. I made sure I showed her all the different colours, but she loved the vibrant pink colour.
Do you plan on travelling with/have you travelled with your Globber PRIMO FOLDABLE LIGHTS? If so, where?
100 percent. Because the Globber Primo Foldable Lights is compact and foldable, I’m definitely going to be packing it on my luggage and taking it to all our vacations including going back to Dubai.
Would you recommend Globber to your friends? If so, why?
Yes! And why not. There are so many scooter designs to choose from. The colours are unlike I’ve seen before and the Globber Primo Foldable Lights, which we own, comes with light up wheels and foldable features. But, most importantly, the scooters grow with your child, giving you years of use which I really love!

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