Yocaher Skateboards-Longboards

It all started in 1997 in the skateboarding mecca of Southern California. Since then, the Yocaher team has worked tirelessly to earn its reputation as a professional and experienced skateboard manufacturer. Its boards, trucks, wheels and accessories are designed in-house in the USA.

We are proud to introduce Yocaher's 7.5" skateboard with 6 designs from its No Evil Chimp and Hot Road series. Or for those who fancy something plain, there's also the blank graphic board in full stained black, red or blue.

There's also Yocaher Mini Cruiser longboard. This small deck shape is most popularly known as a campus cruiser. Its small size allows intense carving and total control when utilizing the kicktail for sharp turns.

Or fancy something even smaller? Check out Yocaher’s micro cruiser which closely resembles the plastic skateboards made in the 70s. The micro size allows different ride types. It can be used for small children, or experienced carvers who are able to weave in and out in a tight pattern.