Best Scooter With Seat - 3 Important Factors To Consider

Best Scooter With Seat - 3 Important Factors To Consider

It’s time to include loads of awesome scooting fun into your toddler’s playtime activities. Here are 3 key factors to consider when choosing the best scooter with seat for your toddler.

Design & functionalities
When selecting a scooter with seat for toddlers, consider its design and functionalities so it gives you the most bang for your buck.

Choose scooters with seat that are designed with multiple functionalities to transform into different modes such as ride-on, walking bike and scooter. This way, your little ones will have several ways to practice and work on their balance & motor skills as they continue to develop. Having one scooter with seat, with three different ways to use it, means it can last longer than most toys as it can be used by your toddler even as they grow.

Globber Go Up Scooter with Seat

It’s also best to buy scooters with seat that are easy to transform, adjust and carry. A product with a tool-less design which can be adjustable & foldable have several benefits. A 100% tool-less design means you won’t need to lug a toolbox around to switch your multi-mode scooter with seat. An adjustable scooter with seat adapts to your growing toddler and provides a comfortable ride. While foldability enables you to carry around your child’s first scooter conveniently.

Your toddler’s safety should be considered first and foremost when choosing the best scooter with seat. This can be achieved by selecting products with child-safe materials, quality design and additional features that will aid your toddler to safely learn balancing skills.

Scooters with seat that have a low, anti-slip scooter deck and footrest are beneficial. The low scooter structure means that the scooter deck is levelled at a small, safe distance from the ground. An anti-slip scooter deck helps toddlers have more grip as they ride their first scooter. And footrests are more comfortable for your toddler when they use the scooter with seat as a ride-on.

A great toddler scooter with seat should be robust and durable to keep up with your toddler’s scooting activities! 

Scooter seats made of thermoplastic rubber (TPR) are ideal. This type of material is lightweight and durable enough for everyday wear-and-tear while using the scooter with seat. Composite materials are also resilient & lightweight, and when lined with a reinforced metal or nylon structure, they make durable, long-lasting scooter decks. When examining scooter wheels for your prospective scooter with seat, it’s best to consider polyurethane (PU) casted wheels, as this type of material gives you both elasticity and durability for hours of scooting fun!

Globber’s Go Up Scooters with Seat
If well-designed, durable and child-safe scooters with seat are what you’re after, check out the Globber GO•UP Foldable Plus scooter with seat.

Versatile and innovatively designed, it is a all-in-one product that can transform into a ride-on, walking bike and toddler scooter. The ride-on and walking bike modes are perfect for toddlers from 15 to 36 months old, while its scooter mode makes a great first scooter for toddlers aged 3+.

Globber Go Up 3-in-1 ride-on-walking bike-&-scooter for toddlers

This product has a 100% tool-less design which means all parts of the scooter with seat are composed of spring-loaded buttons and knobs, so no tools are needed when assembling or switching between different modes! It also has a 2-height adjustable seat and a 3-height adjustable T-bar.

Globber Go Up Scooter with Seat

GO•UP Foldable Plus is equipped with Globber’s patented folding system. A safe and easy-to-use push button located at the side of the scooter deck allows you to take out the T-bar and secure it back into a folded position for compact storage. You can also easily carry the toddler scooter wherever you are as it’s trolley mode compatible! This scooter with seat also comes with Globber’s patented steering lock system. You can put the toddler scooter’s front wheels in a fixed front-and-back movement so your child can safely learn how to balance and scoot!
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