Versatyl Bloody Mary V2 Freestyle Stunt Scooter - Neochrome


The Versatyl Bloody Mary V2 is a stunt scooter suitable for hitting the skatepark and for riding vert. It is equipped with a lightweight aluminium bar which will come in handy when you perform air tricks in the skate park.

Weighing in at just 2.94 kg, this scooter is almost on par with the Ethic Erawan Scooter. The difference being the height and deck size. So do read the specifications below to make sure you are buying the right scooter to fit you.
If you like it curvy, then you'll love the equipped Y-shaped bar. But the contoured lines are not only for the looks, they add strength and durability as well. In addition, the IHC compression system gives you a very smooth spin experience with easy maintenance. This scooter has wheels with a spoked core made out of aluminium, making it very durable and super stylish.

The park-orientated Versatyl pro scooter has a narrow and light deck which makes it easy to get airborne and very responsive in mid-air. The peg-cut dropout saves weight and gives you the option to mount a variety of pegs for an extended grinding surface. At only 2.94 kg, you can immediately feel this scooter is a true lightweight.

Recommended for beginner to intermediate riders aged 6 year to 12 years or young riders with height of 155cm and below.
* Scooter weight 2.94 kg
* Bar: 6061 T6 aluminium bar | 600 mm high x 540 mm wide
* Deck: 83° headtube angle | 510mm long x 118mm wide
* Wheels: 110 mm x 24mm 
* Integrated headset
* IHC compression
* 4130 Cr heat threaded fork
* Recommended for young riders with height of 155cm and below. If you are taller, you will haunch when riding and that is fine if that is your style.

About Versatyl
Created in 2015 by the creators of Ethic DTC, Versatyl aims to bring only aesthetic and affordable scooters to provide quality equipment to new generations of riders. This results in a light weight range of reliable and responsive scooters with the DNA of the Ethic brand. The difference of the entire production chain is that they are optimised to allow the price to be more attractive.