Remember Collective Slammas Wheels 70mm 76a – Pink


Slap on the Remember Collective Slammas longboard wheels for some great freeride action! With a 70mm tall profile, you can even take a slow cruise to your favourite downhill spot. And when you’re ready, the Slammas wheels will grip up for those turns but slide like butter when the skin wears off.

The square lip profile makes the Slammas more predictable and controllable for freeriding at higher speeds. With Remember Collective high rebound urethane, you will slide with unmatched ease. Go ahead - grab a set and bust slides at higher speeds way beyond what your friends are doing. That’s one of the reasons the Savannah Slammas are a team favourite.

Note wheels comes in a set of four.


  • Wheel size: 70mm x 51mm
  • Skin-on grippy contact patch | Offset core
  • Durometer/Color - 74A (Yellow), 76A (Pink), 78A (White), 80A (Purple)
  • Good for long slides or carving
  • Perfect for any cruiser decks too!