Remember Collective Optimo Wheels 70mm 74a – Yellow


The Remember Collective Optimo Wheels for longboards are optimized for the rigors of getting sideways with style. Featuring the ultra-smooth and durable freeride urethane that Remember Collective is known for, these wheels will go the distance without breaking a sweat.

The Optimo wheels also utilize a wider and more supportive core with a snug bearing seat which further increases the roll speed of the wheels while reducing chatter and choppy slides. The wide core supports the lips of the wheel which means less lip deformation, less time waiting to get up to speed and simply more time going sideways!

With a stone-ground finish, these wheels are ready to tear up the streets right out of the package! Multiple durometer option means you get to fine-tune your set up for whatever road conditions you may encounter.

Note wheels comes in a set of four.


  • Wheel size: 70mm x 44mm
  • Contact patch: 37mm
  • Stone ground finish*
  • Large off-set supportive core
  • Durometer /Color - 74A Yellow, 76A Pink, 78A White, 80A Purple
  • Great for any cruiser-style, freestyle & dancing longboard set up

*Note: Wheels come with two different surface textures – stone ground and smooth. Stone ground surfaces are pre-broken while smooth surfaces have a glossy finish and provide maximum grip.