Remember Collective Hoot Wheels 70mm 78a – White


The Remember Collective Hoot wheels for longboards and skateboards are the 70mm centre set wheel with a rounded outer and bevelled inner lip. These wheels are the "OG" of the brand! It’s what started it all!

Why name it the Hoot? Because we want you to get out there, grab your board and have a Hoot! And boy, did skaters across the globe have a hoot with these wheels that effortlessly went sideways.

From hills to slide jams across the globe, the Remember Collective Hoot wheels have earned a reputation of being slippy slidey fun, durable and value for money.

The Hoot wheels are great for any cruiser-style longboards and are also suitable for dancing longboards. Note wheels comes in a set of four.


  • Wheel size: 70mm x 45mm
  • Contact patch: 39mm
  • Centre set and flipable
  • Durometre - 74a Yellow, 76a Pink, 78a White, 80a Purple, 82a Seafoam
  • Stone ground*
  • Good for freeride, cruiser-style, freestyle & dancing longboard set up

*Note: Wheels come with two different surface textures – stone ground and smooth. Stone ground surfaces are pre-broken while smooth surfaces have a glossy finish and provide maximum grip.