Remember Collective California Cruiser Wheels 61mm 78a – Yellow


Remember Collective 61mm California Cruiser wheels for longboards are about chill vibes and good times. These are high quality longboard wheels that look good and won't break the piggy bank. They are perfect replacements for your Penny boards and Landyachtz cruisers. And they are great for any cruising, freestyle or dancing longboard set up too!

The California Cruisers wheels are grippy, but stone ground, so throw a skid or two as you’re cruising down the path. The Remember Collective 61mm/78a formula will shred around the sharp corners of any city.


  • Stone ground*
  • Offset core
  • 61mm tall x 50mm wide
  • Grippy wide contact patch
  • Durometer - 78a
  • Great for any cruisers, freestyle & dancing longboard set up

*Note: Wheels come with two different surface textures – stone ground and smooth. Stone ground surfaces are pre-broken while smooth surfaces have a glossy finish and provide maximum grip.