Rebirth Yi Longboard Deck - Feather Series


The Feather deck from Rebirth Yi Longboard is just like its name - designed to be feather light at 1.7 kg. The deck is extremely durable even though it’s just 1cm thick!

Made up of UV-coated lamination and fibreglass on the top and bottom, the deck structure is strengthened with carbonised bamboo and epoxy resin. This allows greater weight tolerance and a snappy impact.

Choose from 4 feather-light deck colours – blue, green, grey or pink - in the Rebirth Yi Longboard Feather series.


  • Deck Graphic: Feather series – Blue, Green, Grey or Pink
  • Deck Material: UV-coated lamination and fibreglass (top & bottom), carbonised bamboo & epoxy resin
  • Deck Size: Length 113cm (44.5”) x Width 23.5cm (9.25”)
  • Deck Weight: 1.7 kg
  • Recommended rider weight: 30-100kg