Rebirth Meow Longboard Deck - Sweet Series


Simplicity at its finest! The Rebirth Sweet series decks are built with extra stiffness for that amazing freestyle pop and durability that everyone has been asking for. It has a simple yet elegant shape which makes dancing on it super comfy. You can also freestyle on it with ease.

With UV-coated lamination and fibreglass on the top and bottom, the deck structure is strengthened with reinforced bamboo and epoxy resin. This allows greater weight tolerance and a snappy impact.

Choose from 5 sweet pastel deck colours – black, blue, pink, white or yellow - in the Rebirth Meow Longboard Sweet series.


  • Deck Graphic: Sweet series – Black, Blue, Pink, Yellow or White
  • Deck Material: UV-coated lamination and fibreglass (top & bottom), reinforced bamboo & epoxy resin
  • Deck Size: Length 112cm (44”) x Width 23.5cm (9.25”)
  • Deck Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Recommended rider weight: 30-90kg