Locus Longboard Deck - Moon Shadow Yellow

S$169.00 S$299.00

The Locus Longboard Moon Shadow series is a 45" all-rounder longboard deck that’s great for comfortable all round usage whether it’s cruising, dancing and/or freestyle. It has a deep concave and aggressive kicktail which means higher angle kickflips, more pop and more fun!

The deck features a hollowtech anti-dirt surface construction, with reinforced bamboo and Canadian maple. It has a reinforced protection layer at the top and bottom surfaces for additional durability and resistance to dirt and scratches. A polyurethane plastic insert is sandwiched between the construction, creating an in-built nose guard to protect its tail. 

The Moon Shadow series is currently available in 3 colours – blue, purple and yellow.


  • Graphic: Moon Shadow series – Purple
  • Deck Material: Reinforced bamboo, Canadian maple, reinforced protection layer at top & bottom surfaces, polyurethane plastic in-built nose guard
  • Deck Size: Length 114cm (45”) x Width 23cm (9.05”)
  • Deck Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Wheelbase: 77cm and 80cm
  • Recommended rider weight: 30-90kg