Locus Longboard Deck - Galaxy Shimmer

S$149.00 S$250.00

Locus Longboard Galaxy Shimmer is a 45.6” deck made for dancing and freestyle. An aggressive kicktail means higher angle kickflips, more pop and more fun! A mellow ”W” concave, which makes it easy to find your foot positioning, and a milder rocker makes it super comfortable for longboard dancing and tricks.

The Galaxy Shimmer has the same 9 layer deck construction as the Galaxy except it has a 3D printed top layer instead of a carbon fiber top surface. The Galaxy Shimmer deck is constructed using layers of Canadian maple, triaxial fiberglass and compressed bamboo. High definition graphic prints on the bottom of the deck completes the look.


  • Graphic: Galaxy Shimmer
  • Deck Material: Canadian maple, triaxial fiberglass, compressed bamboo, 3D printed graphics (bottom)
  • Deck Size: Length 116cm (45.6”) x Width 23cm (9.05”)
  • Deck Weight: 2 kg
  • Wheelbase: 80cm and 82cm
  • Recommended rider weight: 30-120 kg