Gain Protection Resistance Elastic Kevlar Gloves - Dropbear

S$25.00 S$45.00

We are happy to introduce the first line of gloves in the Gain Protection range - the RESISTANCE is Gain’s take on the glove game. The team made sure that everything that they didn’t like about conventional biking gloves has been changed, revised and perfected, to ensure that the final product fits the purpose better and lasts longer.

Instead of using the usual synthetic leather and terrycloth combo, Gain chose elastic KEVLAR fabric for both the palm side and the thumbs. This material -made by ARMORTEX- is 350 cycle abrasion-resistant and rather thin for the ultimate hand feel - not to mention that it has the best airflow known to date.

One of the gloves’ unique feature is the elevated stitching line on the edge of your palm which keeps the sublimated material out of harm’s way and your hand safe. The backhand side’s sublimated stretch fabric is also highly breathable and offers ultimate comfort. 

The Resistance gloves feature outstanding touch screen compatibility, small Gain logo printed velcro/rubber label and silicone printed dots on the thumb and index fingers for the few remaining “brake people” out there.

All in all, Gain’s vision is to create clean looking and highly functional, long lasting, very comfortable and super flexible gloves without any gimmicky features. 

Available in S to XXL sizes and two colorways - the Logo and the Dropbear.

About Gain Protection

Gain Protection is a rider owned company established in Adelaide, South Australia. It is a rare fusion between Europe's well-known high quality materials and rigorous standards combined with Australia's captivating design ideas and comfortable, practical implementations.

Gain’s vision is to create a line of products which would be able to keep you safe while you enjoy your chosen exercise.

Forgetting to use appropriate protective gear most likely has happened to all of us at some point in our life but as we grow wiser, it is paramount to realize that by trying to save some time or money, what we are really risking is our most precious wellbeing.

The Gain team strongly believes that there is no substitute to loss of health. That is why they decided to bring the latest safety features and materials available, embedded in an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-wear finish by capitalizing on their past experience spent in riding. Their manufacturing setup provides them with the unique opportunity to not only gather customer feedbacks but to see those requests and recommendations translated into practical use, which ensures their product's revitalization and up-to-date status.