Ethic Erawan Freestyle Stunt Scooter - Oil Slick


From the ashes of FrenchID, District and Addict comes Ethic DTC, the latest outfit by renowned french riding and designing pair; Kevin DeMay and Cyrille Vietti Benzidane.

The Ethic Erawan Scooter is probably the lightest scooter you can find on the market! Weighing in at around the 3kg mark, the scooter is no lightweight when it comes to quality components including

  • Ethic Erawan Deck
  • Ethic Legion Fork
  • Ethic Incube 110mm wheels
  • Ethic Dryade 620mm bars
  • Ethic every popular Soft Grips
  • Ethic Grip tape
  • Ethic integrated Headset and Clamps

Running ICS means you shave even more weight off the compression tools.

Go faster and go higher than before with the Ethic Erawan Scooter.

Product Specification

  • Bar Height/Width: 25" x 23"(635 x 584mm)
  • Bar Material : Aluminum
  • Slit: YES
  • Compression: ICS
  • Headset: Integrated
  • Fork Max. Wheel Size : 110mm
  • Fork Material: Aluminum
  • Deck Length/width: 21" x 4.5" (533 x 114mm)
  • Deck Foot Space: 14" (355mm)
  • Deck Max. Wheel Space: 110mm
  • Wheels: 110mm Metal Cores
  • Overall Weight : 3kg (6.7 lbs)

PLEASE NOTE: This scooter runs a ICS 10 compression with a starnut embedded in the bars. As such, shortening the bars will require removing the starnut and installing a new starnut after the bars are shorten.