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SAS-TEC protective foam in GAIN Protection Pads

There are many things in life we don't play close attention to. As long as they function well, we are almost oblivious of their existence. To shed some light on what makes Gain products achieve the highest safety standard possible, let us talk about a product called SAS-TEC protective foam.

All of Gain’s higher tier protective pads feature SAS-TEC protective foam from Germany. This key product, in combination with other implementations, are responsible for making sure that you stay as safe as possible during your chosen exercise. To appreciate what it really does, it's essential to understand how it really works.

The company SAS-TEC was founded in Germany in 2004 by two engineers with over 25 years of accumulated practical experience between them. They developed this product over years of rigorous testing and pride themselves on committing to permanent development and continuous improvement.

By default, SAS-TEC protective foam is a soft, light material which follows the human body's shape perfectly. By absorbing your body heat after you start your session, it becomes even more shapeable and provides you with the feeling like you are wearing almost nothing for protection. No more failed tricks or unwanted accidents caused by bulky protectors which only get in the way at the worst possible time.

SAS-TEC protective foam is a soft, light material which follows the human body's shape perfectly

If, however, something unfortunate happens, that's when the foam really starts to shine. Upon any external impact, a reaction, called adaptive absorption, starts. Basically, what it means is that the air which is embedded in the foam´s cells provoke a progressive absorption. The protector remains soft in case of slowly increasing forces. However, when it comes to a fast heavy impact, the resistance of the foam grows with increasing speed. It is also viscoelastic with memory effect that enables it to return to its original shape shortly after any kind of impact or deformation. Its light weight improves wearing comfort. For the really dedicated ones: common hard shell protectors usually have an average density of 1050g/l, in contrast to SAS-TEC foam which weighs in at 280g/l.

 Some Gain products featuring SAS-TEC protective foam are:

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