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Introducing Pantheon Longboards: For Skaters by Skaters

We have just launched a range of complete longboards and longboard decks from Pantheon Longboards.

Pantheon specialises in high design, high purpose longboard products, making commuter longboards, distance skateboards, downhill/freeride surfboards, technical downhill boards and more. Here’s what you need to know about Pantheon.

Pantheon Longboards was founded in January 2014 by Jeff Vyain who started street skateboarding when he was 12 years old. While working in New York in 2011, Jeff had dreams of skateboarding every day and was then competing on the world stage as a distance skateboarding athlete. A few years later, with a burning desire to create new products and have control over the shapes, graphics and message of the products, he started Pantheon Longboards. What you experience on a Pantheon board is Jeff’s experience manifested. As a long-time skater, Jeff has listened to hundreds of customer and team opinions, and also gained experience in developing his own now for years, helping him to shape his opinion on what he is creating today.

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The Pantheon team wants to turn more people on to the adventures that skateboard transport can provide. Their mission is simple - equip humans with inspiring outdoor adventure products, created with love and an appreciation of our interconnectedness, to resonate action and make a positive impact on our environment and fellow beings. Pantheon is committed to maximize the value of inputs, to the conservation of materials, eco-sustainable design, and conveying a message and purpose through its brand. 
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It is a straight forward concept, and the Pantheon team’s dedication toward this has been working well so far. Pantheon is healthy and growing sustainably, even in times when it has been difficult to do so. Its designs are inspired. They do not respond to trends; they set them. They are dedicated to the teacher / learner interaction. They take every opportunity for their product and company to have a voice, and they take every opportunity for that voice to be expanded upon through the never-ending search and reverence of excellent experience!

Pantheon Longboards Founder Jeff Vyain
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Pantheon decks are created through love of skateboarding and the desire and will to create perfect skateboards. Months of shaping, reworking shapes, and years of building off of past designs, studying what works, what feels good, what is necessary, and what’s not, what’s cost effective, and what the difference is between value added features and what’s just good marketing has led to this moment of creation. Pantheon is fresh and as true as it will ever be right in this moment. 

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Pantheon has quickly grown to a world-wide skate company today and the Pantheon team’s passion for creating and inspiring continues. Grab life by the board and shred it!

Check out our Pantheon Longboards collection here.
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