Best Tricycle for Kids Singapore 2020 - iimo #02 foldable trike

2020 Best Kids Tricycles in Singapore

Our iimo #02 foldable tricycle and Zycom zTrike have both made it to 'The 8 Best Tricycles in Singapore for Kids' 2020 list.

No. 1 on the list is iimo #02 foldable tricycle - best for indoors and outdoors. BestInSingapore stated "The most impressive function of this tricycle is that your kids can still use it as they get older. Just detach the safety bar and steer handle, and it’ll transform into a hand or paddle tricycle."

Coming in 3rd is Zycom zTrike - 'Best for Step Up Ride'. BestInSingapore stated "Many customers were very satisfied with their purchase of the Zycom zTrike. They said that their kids had an enjoyable and safe ride, and also liked that it’s offered at a cheaper price."

Thanks to 'Best in Singapore' for choosing iimo and Zycom! Check out their full article here

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