Zycom Zipster 3-Wheel Kids Scooter with Light Up Wheels - Blue

S$48.00 S$68.00

Zycom Zipster is the perfect 3 wheel kids kick scooter for little ones with light up front wheels to make scooting fun. It has a boldly distinctive design with a patented self-righting pivot steering. Wide one-piece deck and low profile design provides a safe and stable ride. Zipster helps children to quickly gain confidence and balance. Learn to steer and carve the streets, just like a skateboard.

Zycom Zipster is a winner of Tillywig Toy Award.

Zycom is a product of Madd Gear and a member of the International Scooter Association.

• Strong lightweight frame, carry up to 65 kg
• Strong plastic non slip deck
• 125mm front light up wheels
• 100mm rear wheels
• Quick stop brake
• Non-slip grips 
• Recommended for ages 3 to 5 years. Maximum weight 65 kg.