Yocaher Skateboard (7.5") Retro Series - Fishin'


Yocaher’s regular 7.5” complete skateboard is made of 7-ply Canadian maple. This new school skateboard comes with a mellow concave, which allows for a more flat-footed skating style.

Measuring 31” long and 7.5” wide, the edges of the board are not so bowled compared to medium and steep concaves. The Yocaher complete skateboard is set up with 54mm wheels and 7.675” HD5 heavy duty trucks.

Retro-fy your skating experience with Yocaher’s Retro series. Inspired from iconic video game and cartoon shows, this is a collector’s dream!

The new Fishin' graphic combines the absolute best of the 90s. It is one awesome graphic that pits the world’s strongest sailor against the ocean’s most ferocious great white shark! When the two clash, all bets are off. And there is no telling whether our hero will get devoured by those massive jaws or if the great white will get canned and sold as tuna.

This skateboard comes fully assembled and gripped. Yocaher Skateboard Retro Series are available in 4 graphic designs- Fishin’, Snikt, Stache and Brawler.

• Graphic: Retro Series - Fishin'
• Deck Size: 31" Long x 7.5" Wide 
• Wheel Base: 14.5"
• Construction: 7-Ply Maple
• Concave: Mellow
• Shape: Trickboard - Concave, Kicktail, Nose
• Wheels: 54mm, 95A Hardness, White
• Trucks: 7.675" HD5 Heavy Duty 2 Tone Trucks, 125mm Hanger, Grade 8 Kingpin 90A PU Cushion
• Bearings: ABEC 7 Chrome Bearings
• Hardware: 1"
• Risers: 3mm Rubber Risers
• Griptape: Black Widow Premium Grade 80A Black Griptape
• Comes fully assembled and ready to ride
• Recommend to adjust the wheels/trucks first before each riding 

*Note: Colours and graphics may vary slightly from image