Rebirth Triangle Longboard Complete Dragon Series - Winter Dragon

S$199.00 S$299.00

Winter is coming. With it, the Dragon master of Winter beckons with her darkness and loneliness.

In Chinese folk lore, the Dragon King has nine sons and five daughters. Only the daughters were able to become dragons to control the 4 seasons of the world. The 5th daughter controls the stars, with its myriad of constellations seen by the world today.

The Rebirth Triangle Longboard Complete Dragon series decks have thicker composite and are constructed to be extremely durable. In addition, the decks have higher angle kicks and texturised top finish for those who doesn’t want grip tape on their deck.

Made up of triaxial fibreglass on the top and bottom, the deck structure is strengthened with carbonised bamboo and epoxy resin. This gives it a quick and snappy pop whilst still being light weight.

The graphics are UV printed for high quality and durability, and the deck is super easy to clean and maintain.

Choose from 5 designs – All Dragons, Star Dragon, Autumn Dragon, Spring Dragon, Summer Dragon or Winter Dragon - in the Rebirth Triangle Longboard Complete Dragon series.

Each longboard comes completely assembled (with trucks, wheels, bearings and hardware) and ready to ride. A set of Triangle grips are included for riders who want to grip their deck.


  • Graphic: Dragon series – Winter Dragon
  • Deck Material: Triaxial fibreglass (top & bottom), reinforced bamboo & epoxy resin
  • Deck Size: Length 113cm (44.5”) x Width 23cm (9”)
  • Deck Weight: 1.9 kg
  • Trucks: Triangle RKP black trucks
  • Wheels: Rebirth Pudding Jelly green wheels 64 x 42mm, 79a
  • Recommended rider weight: 30-120kg

        About Rebirth Longboards

        Headquartered in Taiwan, Rebirth Longboards was set up in 2015 specialising in the development and manufacturing of dancing and freestyle longboard decks and components. Having learnt from their past business experiences, the founders sought like-minded team riders and partners who share their determination to restart and regrow, in order to build a stronger brand for the future.

        Rebirth started off with its range of Meow longboard series for female riders and subsequently revamped their deck construction to create stronger and lighter decks for male riders. The Yi and Triangle longboard series were developed through extensive research and development, as well as vigorous testing by its team riders. The decks in these have thicker composite and are constructed using stronger materials, making them one of the lightest and strongest decks in the market right now.