Rebirth Meow Longboard Deck - Cosmic Singularity


The Meow Cosmic series decks are light yet durable. The top and bottom layer of the deck is triaxial fibreglass and the whole structure is strengthened with reinforced bamboo and epoxy resin. This gives the deck a quick and snappy pop whilst ensuring it remains light weight.

The graphics are UV printed for high quality and durability, and the deck is super easy to clean and maintain.

Choose from 2 deck designs – Singularity or Duality - in the Rebirth Meow Longboard Cosmic series.


  • Deck Graphic: Cosmic series – Singularity
  • Deck Material: Triaxial Fibreglass (top & bottom), reinforced bamboo & epoxy resin
  • Deck Size: Length 113cm (44.5”) x Width 23cm (9”)
  • Deck Weight: 1.6 kg