Pantheon Trip Longboard Fiber Glass Deck - Indian Hills (2020 Arrival)


The Pantheon Trip longboard deck is a great board for long distance pushers and commuters. Measuring in at 33" long, you'll have the nimbleness of a mini-cruiser, but the stability and ease of a double drop. It features a double drop which gets the standing platform really low to the ground. This makes pushing and foot braking a lot easier with your centre of gravity being lower, giving you more stability.

This new arrival (May 2020) has been revamped with a new 7-ply maple plus 2x triaxial fiber glass construction for longer lasting performance, warp-proof platform and lighter weight construction.

Deck: Pantheon Trip Indian Hills Sun Graphic
Length: 33 inches
Width: 9.25 inches
Wheelbase: 27.25 inches
Drop: 1.3 inch crescent
Construction: 7 ply maple plus 2x triaxial fiber glass
Griptape: Standard black applied by manufacturer