Pantheon Quest Longboard Fiber Glass Deck - Path (2020 Arrival)


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The Pantheon Quest longboard deck is the little sister to the Pantheon Nexus deck. While they are both designed out of the same mould, the boards have been designed to accentuate different features of the mould to highlight different riding styles.

Essentially, the Quest is a longer version of the Trip, but it has a bit more concave for more board feel. In addition, the concave increase reduces the flex a little bit over the 2-inch longer platform (when compared to the Trip).

If you are looking for a pure pusher but want more space than the Trip offers, the Quest is an excellent choice.

Deck: Pantheon Quest Path Graphic

Length: 36.5 inches

Width: 9.25 inches
Wheelbase: 28.5 inches

Drop: Crescent drop, stiff & strong with no weak spots

Construction: 7 ply Canadian rock maple plus 2x triaxial fibre glass
Griptape: Standard black applied by manufacturer