Pantheon Pranayama Complete Cruiser Longboard


The Pantheon Pranayama complete cruiser is the lowest perfect fit cruiser out there for long-distance pushers and commuters. Built off of the Pantheon Trip deck but utilising TKP trucks, the Pranayama is the best of both worlds and is set up to be one of the most effortless cruiser in the market!

The Pranayama is a compact and lightweight longboard. It rides super low, is comfortable and easy to push. It features a double-drop platform that decreases the distance between the deck and the ground surface creating a powerful push-off. You spend less time micro-balancing and more time training to bring your cruising speed up.

The Pranayama complete cruiser longboard is optimised with a Paris 149mm traditional kingpin (TKP) trucks and 85mm Seismic Speed Vents (Mint) to match the cool graphics at the bottom. Measuring in at 31.375" long, you'll have the nimbleness of a mini-cruiser, but the stability and ease of a double drop. It is light, durable, and an overall fun drop-down push board that you need in your quiver!  

The Pranayama cruiser comes with some pedigree and street cred too! It was used by Jeff Vyain who came in first during the 42km LDP marathon in Beijing.

Watch this Introduction to the Pantheon Pranayama video to see it in action!

Deck: Pantheon Pranayama 9-ply
Length: 31.375 inches
Width: 9.25 inches
Wheelbase: 26 inches
Drop: 1.3 inch crescent
Construction: 9 ply maple
Trucks: Paris v3 TKP 149mm
Bearings: Luxe Bearings
Wheels: 85mm Seismic Speed Vents Mint
Griptape: Standard black applied by manufacturer

*NOTE: Images are for illustration only. Colour of wheels in images may be different from what's indicated in specifications.