Pantheon Nexus Longboard Fiber Glass Deck - Ruins (2020 Arrival)


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The Nexus longboard deck was Pantheon’s original double drop longboard. This means it is a drop through longboard also featuring a dropped platform.

Designed to be the meeting point between many major longboard disciplines, Pantheon has made some minor changes to Nexus’ original design but have kept the original intent alive. From downhill and freeride to covering long distances, the Nexus have you covered. It is easily one of the most confidence-inspiring boards out there.

The double dropped platform lowers the centre of gravity, enhancing natural stability and putting more side-force into the wheels when turning. This helps initiate slides with more ease and confidence. And being so low to the ground makes pushing an afterthought. The stiff platform provides both confidence at speed and the necessary stiffness for heavier riders looking for a push-specific deck.

Deck: Pantheon Nexus Ruins Graphic
Length: 92 cm | 36.25 inches
Width: 24.75 cm | 9.6 inches
Wheelbase: 75 – 76.85 cm | 29.5 – 30.25 inches
Drop: 1 inch crescent drop
Rocker: 1/4 inch
Construction: 8 ply maple plus 2x triaxial fiber glass
Griptape: Standard black applied by manufacturer