EQB Transforming Dino Puzzle Blocks - Brockie & Friends

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EQB (Emotional Quotient Block) is a fun series of easy-to-build interactive toy kits for children aged 3 years & up. It helps to improve creativity, modelling skills, EQ & IQ.

Using an innovative technology of patented snap joint gear system, simply Click’n Turn each piece to build & transform the different animals.

With EQB Transforming Dino Kit series, kids will have fun transforming Dino Friends Tino (Tyrannosaurus), Tiara (Triceratops) and Brockie (Brachiosaurus) into different dinosaurs! Each set comes with a dinosaur manual for kids to create their own Dino World! EQB kits are made of natural hardwood with non-toxic, child-friendly colours, hand-finished with eco-friendly natural plant oil and safe with curved edges and corners.