Chinatown Complete Cruiser Skateboard (limited edition)


Unique to Singapore, the limited edition Chinatown cruiser skateboard is a collaboration between Skatebruh and local digital artist @brigtable. At 28 inches long, it is a nimble, compact and lightweight city cruiser for easy commuting, going where many boards can’t. Its versatile design is suitable for urban commuting and performing tricks.

The 7-ply maple wood deck is set up with the Paris 149mm TKP trucks for maximum agility. Paris trucks are made to skate and will take the cruiser skateboard to new levels. With a taller profile than standard conventional trucks, there is more clearance and less wheel bite.

The Remember Collective California Cruiser 61mm/78A polyurethane wheels complete the setup. Whether you’re at the coffee shop killing time or just chilling, the California Cruisers will always be there right below your feet, ready to cruise. The 61mm/78a Remember Collective formula will shred around the sharp corners of any city, giving you a smooth ride with plenty of roll speed and grip.

About Artiste
In SkateBruh’s Singapore Series, we've collaborated with Brigette, an aspiring local artist, to bring iconic scenes with a twist.

Hauntingly forlorn and devoid of people, her illustrations urge viewers to consider what gives meaning to places in the first place. The striking and contrasting colours cast familiar locations in a new light, highlighting the beauty of everyday places in Singapore that we sometimes overlook or take for granted. Eliot says, "We have had the experience, but missed the meaning.", and art allows us to summon back those moments and inhabit them again, more fully and imaginatively this time.