Glideco City Zipper145 Foldable 2-Wheels Kick Scooter - Pink/White

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Glideco City Zipper145 is a 2-wheel kick scooter that is compact and portable. At 2.6 kg, it is light and easy to carry around. The CityZipper145 comes with medium sized 145mm diameter wheels, which are larger than those on similar sized scooters, making it much faster.

While the CityZipper145 is suitable for ages 8+, it can also be used by younger kids (aged 5 years and up) with a good sense of balance. It has a handlebar that is height adjustable and can extend to 90cm.

The Glideco CityZipper145 is perfect as a first two-wheel kick scooter for children moving on from 3-wheel scooters, or for youths and teenagers. Available in 2 colours.


  • Deck size: 105mm wide with 300mm long usable foot-space
  • Wheel size: Front and rear 145mm
  • Wheel material: High rebound Polyurethane (PU)
  • Bearings: ABEC 7
  • Brake: Rear friction brake
  • Folding mechanism: 2-action spring-loaded with compression
  • Handle grips: Soft foam, collapsible
  • Handlebar height: Extendable from 68 - 90cm
  • Scooter weight: 6kg
  • Rider weight: max 100kg
  • Age: 5 years & up